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There are 5 steps involved in our online application which is described below in precise details:


Stage 1
Complete Our Application Form

To complete the online application form, you will need all the detailed info listed below:

  • Personal details;
  • Contact information;
  • The list of academic areas you are qualified in.

You will begin your freelance writing career at Writer-Center as an academic writer after our approval of your online application. Then you will be able to join the academic department of your choice. You can find the available academic departments in the list given below.

  • Academic writing department
    Book and Movie reviews, Bibliographies, Research Notes, Biographies, Statements, etc.
  • Content writing department
    Copywriting, SEO articles, Blog and content writing, etc.
  • Business writing department
    Business reports, decision-making presentation, follow up letters, strategic business plan, etc.
  • Individual writing department
    Application letter, cover letter, speeches, etc.
Stage 2
Upload your sample article

In this stage you will have to upload a sample essay with the requirements given below. This is for us to evaluate the quality of your writing.


  • 275-350 words;
  • Sample essay on a given topic (topic will be provided on your profile);
  • Plagiarism free (your sample essay must be referenced).

In order to upload your sample article, you need to go to the “Testing” section, and click the “Upload” button in the “Sample Article” field and choose the appropriate file. The sample article should be in .doc or .docx format.


Stage 3
Upload Your Qualifications


  • You will have to upload a photocopy or electronic version of your academic qualifications;
  • You will also have to submit a photocopy of your identification (Passport or Identity Card);
  • Upload mentioned documents to respective sections in your personal user’s panel;
  • Your academic qualifications and photocopy of identification must be uploaded as an image file (e.g., .jpeg or .jpg);
  • If you are still a student in your second or final year, please provide a current student status letter from your university.


Stage 4
Pass Our Tests
  • There is grammar and three formatting style tests which you will have to pass in order get through this stage. This is purely for one simple reason; we have to make sure that you are capable of writing in English and are familiar with at least one of our required formatting styles (APA, MLA or Chicago/Turabian);
  • To take the test, you need to go to the “Testing” section and click the “Start now” button;
  • This testing will consist of two parts. First part is compulsory consisting 10 grammar related questions. The second part will involve at least 5 compulsory questions related to referencing style. You should keep in mind that you can choose more than one formatting style. Candidates will have one hour to complete this test and must achieve 75% or higher;
  • We will notify you about your progression via email.


Stage 5
Wait For Our Approval
  • You will receive an email regarding your application from our HR team. We assure you that you will get a response within 2 weeks; nevertheless, it usually takes less than that;
  • Our team of experts will look into your application and come to a decision;
  • Either you will be accepted or rejected. In some case, we might require you to revise your application. 

Email verification procedure:

Sign Into Your Email
Check Your Inbox
Log Into Your Account
Click the “Submit email verification code” button
Enter the code from your email
Click the “Submit” button

If your application was approved, you should:

  • Log into your account at;
  • Click on the "Orders" at the top left corner of your control panel;
  • Choose the work that suits your academic experience and payment expectations. You have to read the instructions in “Paper details” section, and double check that all compulsory files are in place. If something is missing, then you should contact the Support Team by email at;
  • When you are confident about all the details, you should apply for the project. You will have to write a reason for picking this project in the order’s window, clarifying why you are the right person to be accepted this particular project.

If your application was sent for revision, you should:

  • Log into your account at;
  • Go to the “Testing” section;
  • Check the revision comments in the “Sample Essay” or “Diploma” sections;
  • Edit your sample essay accordingly or provide our HR manager with any extra documents they require;
  • Upload the edited sample essay or any required documents;
  • We will inform you of our decision by email.

If your application is rejected, you can apply again only after 12 months since the initial application.

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