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Looking for online freelance writing jobs? Want flexible working hours, variety of projects and freelance writing assignments? Why not join Writer-Center? We are looking for experienced and prolific freelance writer specializing in certain academic areas. Writers must have the ability to produce high quality academic writing materials and must be capable of meeting strict deadlines.

You will always find some online writing projects whether it is writing a dissertation proposal or an article, there will always be a match, which meets your academic expertise on our site. We believe that working with us, will not only makes you great money, but you will also enrich your proficiency in academic writing.

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To become one of our freelance writers, firstly you will need to fill the registration form providing all your valid personal and contact information. Please complete the application form carefully. Double-check all the contact information that you entered is correct, in case we have to contact you urgently about any writing project that you might undertake. Remember to select at least one formatting style, as it is mandatory to do so.

The second step is providing us with a photocopy of your valid identification. Please make sure that your identification (passport or identity card) is not outdated, and all texts in a photocopy are readable. Moreover, we ask you to upload a photocopy of your qualification (degree, diploma, etc.). If you are still a student in your second or final year, please provide a current student status letter from your university.

Next step for you is to upload a sample essay. This will help us assess the quality of your academic writing skills in writing an essay. It must be written on an assigned topic, which you could find in your personal user’s panel. Your sample essay should not include any plagiarized content. Please ensure appropriate references are made (please provide full references). The essay should contain 275-350 words and must be written in proficient English language.

During the last step of the registration process, applicants will have to take an online test. This will consist of two parts. First part is compulsory consisting 10 grammar related questions. The second part will involve at least 5 compulsory questions related to referencing style. You should keep in mind that you can choose more than one formatting style. Candidates will have one hour to complete this test and must achieve 75% or higher.

How To Apply For Jobs

Select the writing project
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For every customer who places an order for an academic writing assignment, we must allocate a freelance writer with the matched skills to complete the assignment on time. There is a fair chance that this writer could be you. We receive many writing assignments every day, and it is very likely that one of these projects may match your writing skills in your academic area.

When your work is complete, you should upload the file as soon as possible to a section called order’s personal window, which is under the upload section. Once you have uploaded the work, our Plagiarism verifier system will examine the document you have submitted for any plagiarized material. If your paper passes this check, then it will be delivered to the client who will review it.

If the client is satisfied with the paper you provide then, you will get the payment credited to your account. If the client requests for a revision, you will be given additional time to make the necessary changes and correct any mistakes you have made. You will be given a sufficient amount of time to adjust your work according to the customer’s instructions.

We offer our registered users competitive rates for their work. When working with us, you will have an opportunity to get up to $20 per page. However remember you must choose a payment method that will be used to transfer all your earnings once a month. For further details, visit our “Payments” page.

If you feel that online writing job is for you then, fill in the registration form, and start making money with your knowledge. 

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