Frequently Asked Questions


1. I am facing some difficulties when uploading my sample essay/photocopy of my qualification certificate. What can I do?

Please go through our simple tutorial on the Tutorial page. You will find a guide with detailed explanations on how to upload your documents.

If you are still facing some problems and cannot find a solution on our Tutorial page for newly registered freelance writers, please send your questions via email to our online support team at

2. What is scoring criteria for the online test?

The maximum possible score is 25 points for all tests (10 points for the grammar test and 5 points for each formatting test which includes APA, MLA, and Turabian). You should be aware that, your online freelance writer application will be rejected given that your score is less than 11 points if you choose only one of the formatting style test/ 16 points if you choose two formatting style tests/ 20 points if you choose three formatting style tests.

3. What are the main requirements for the sample essay?

The sample essay must be written on an assigned topic, which you could find in your personal Writer-Center user’s panel. Your sample essay should not include any plagiarized texts; it should contain 275-350 words and must be written in proficient and representative English. In this task, applicants are allowed to use outside sources, but only if they cite the sources properly. For your sample essay, you must use Times New Roman, 12-point font size. The sample essay should be uploaded in a Microsoft Word format (.doc/.docx).

4. How do I check the progress of my application for the online writer job?

You must login into your personal Writer-Center user’s panel and review your account information for the status of your application. If you find an orange box at the top of the page, you must re-upload a copy of your sample essay.

5. How much is it to register with Writer-Center?

The registration for a freelance writer position is absolutely free.

6. How long does it take to review a new freelance writer’s application?

It takes up to 10 days for our hiring department to review a new application. However, usually we manage to check it in 5-6 days period.

7. It has been more than a couple of weeks since I sent my application. Why haven’t I received an answer yet?

Please make sure that the sample essay, photocopy of your identification and your academic qualifications are successfully uploaded to our system. Applications are not processed until all required materials from the freelance writer are submitted. If everything is done correctly, from the freelancer’s side then the fault is from our servers. In this case, we are going to contact you to solve this issue ASAP.

8. I cannot login to my account, what should I do?

Please contact our Support Team by sending an email to with details of your problem or contact us on +44 203 286 9930.

9. My application was rejected. Can I re-apply?

Yes, but only after 12 months since the initial application.

10. My application was rejected. Will you send me the marked sample essay in order to see my errors?

We will provide you with the necessary feedbacks, but not the corrected sample essay. Please note that our decision regarding your application is final and not negotiable. If you have any further questions, please contact our support team.


1. How could I begin working as a freelance writer?

Once your account is approved and activated, check the “Available Orders” page from your control panel regularly for any writing jobs. On this page, you will see the projects listed with details regarding to the topic, number of pages or slides, academic level of writing, deadlines and payments that you will receive on completion.

Select the case that suits your academic area and apply for it by writing your reason, why you should be chosen.

Please read the “Paper Details” carefully and familiarize yourself with the uploaded material before you apply for any cases. If you think that you will be able to handle all the details and instructions, and deliver it on time, please do not hesitate to apply for it.

If you get approved for the writing job, we will notify you via email.

2. Am I allowed to apply for multiple cases at a time?

There are no limits to the total number of cases, which you can apply for. However make sure to apply for those cases that you can handle well. Always bear in mind that you will be assigned only to a reasonable number of cases at a time.

3. I applied to a few cases, but they are still displayed as available. Why didn’t I get assigned to these cases?

There could be several reasons for this:

  1. The customer requests a specific writer to write their case;
  2. The customer hasn’t provided a list of instructions for the particular assignment, or the required reference material has not been uploaded yet. In either or both cases the order appears to be available without further information or material;
  3. You do not have a sufficient experience, or your academic field does not match with the case requirements.

4. Could a customer request revisions free of charge?

By our company’s policy, we offer 3 free revisions for each customer if the issue is from our end and not from your instructions. These revisions can be requested before the final approval or within 7 days after the final approval.

5. One of the customers is asking for revision that requires supplementary research; however, this was not initially requested.

In this case, the freelance writer must contact our Writer Support Team through specific order’s messaging panel or by sending an email to with the order’s ID and further details. Moreover, the freelancer must write a message to the customer explaining that this revision does not comply with the original instructions.

6. Would it be possible for a writer to recommend price adjustments for a project?

You can suggest for the change of price in the case that our calculated amount does not represent the true value of the order. This is called - making a bid and it is considered when you apply for the specific order.

In case you apply for the paper and find out that this order does not represent the true value of the order, you can bid with a lower price. This can also be done to increase your chance of attaining an order.

7. Can I re-sell or publish texts I made specifically to Writer-Center?

NO, answer to this question is strictly no because this action would violate our Terms and Conditions.

8. How do you get promoted to a PRO Writer?

You must meet the below requirements to become a PRO Writer:

  • A combined test score of at least 22 out of 25;
  • Above 20 cases completed without considerable errors;
  • Capability of writing a minimum of 50 high quality pages each month (30 pages for PRO Light Writers);
  • No customer complaints in either formatting or grammar;
  • No negative comments from customers in regards to the orders done by you;
  • Responsive at all times specially in duration of the orders being worked on (email or over the phone);
  • Never submit a late or plagiarized writing job;
  • More than two months of constant and effective work on orders;
  • Rating of at least 4.5.

Even when you do not qualify for a PRO Writer status, you may be eligible for a PRO Light Status. All you need to do is getting a high level of satisfaction from our clients, in the writing jobs you produce and we will promote you to the PRO Light Status. If you consistently produce high quality work when you are already a PRO Light writer, you may well obtain a PRO Writer status.

9. What are the advantages of being a PRO Writer?

  • PRO Light Writers get a +15% bonus on all successfully approved cases;
  • PRO Writers receive +25% extra compared to the normal rate on each case they would accept. In addition, PRO Writers applications for orders are approved straightforward by our Quality Assurance Department.

10. What formatting styles are accepted?

There are three standard formatting styles – APA, MLA and Turabian/Chicago. You must format your writing according to the formatting style, requested by the client. If you wish to learn more about formatting styles, check the links provided in the Useful Links page.

11. What does “the rating” mean?

All writers at writer-center have an indicator of their success. This indicator for a beginner is set to 3, and the highest rating that any freelance writer can achieve is 5.

12. What will influence my rating?

  1. Number of flawless writing jobs carried out, i.e. jobs without a plagiarism, grammatical mistakes or errors in punctuation;
  2. The way you follow the instructions and pay attention to details listed by the customer;
  3. The total number of urgent cases completed. Usually, these cases need to be finished in a very short period of time by a personal request of our Writer Support Team;
  4. The evaluation by the customer after the delivered work has been approved;
  5. Number of Writer Support Team phone calls missed. However, this applies only to situations where you have pending cases or any of your cases are under “revision in progress” status;
  6. Delay in submissions, i.e. the number of times you missed your deadlines;
  7. Withdrawals from a case without proper reasons.

13. Will I get fined for anything at Writer-Center?

According to our Terms and Conditions every freelance writer can be fined for these reasons:

  • Plagiarism;
  • Error in the citation of the paper;
  • Late submission;
  • Withdrawal from the case without a valid reason;
  • Submitting a low quality work;
  • If customer instructions are not followed.

14. Are online writing jobs legitimate? Are they legal?

We can assure that freelance writing is completely ethical and legal. Your papers are supposed to be used as high quality guidance and reference texts by our customers. You should know that it is not your fault if a customer takes credit for the work you have done, it is stealing to take credit for someone else’s work. Working with us is not just about providing help to students; often your writings are used for a research or scientific purposes.

15. How can I make sure that Writer-Center is legitimate?

If you are not fully confident about this, just contact our Writer Support Team, by email or phone +44 203 2869 930. If you are still in doubt, visit our Testimonials page to see feedbacks of our currently employed writers.


1. When do I get paid for my work?

Payments are processed and transferred to the freelance writers between the 25th and 30th of each month.

2. The Payment Date is already passed, why haven’t I been paid?

The time of delay depends on the payment option that you have chosen. Depending on your choice, the time of a transfer can vary from a few hours to a few days.

3. What are the payment options?

During the registration process for our online writer jobs, you must choose the payment option that is most convenient for you. If you require more information on payment options, visit our “Payments” page.

4. I have finished the writing, but the money has not been transferred to my balance.

The customer must approve the work you submitted before the payment may be transferred to you. If the customer does not respond within two weeks, the case is approved automatically.

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